The tenth in the world in terms of capitalization ($2.7 billion) cryptocurrency TRON (TRX) activated your main network. In an article published on June 25, the project reported that activation of mannata preceded the transition to an independent public blockchain.

Beta core network was launched on may 31. The activation was part of the campaign for the care of the Ethereum blockchain. “Move” took almost four weeks: the developers wanted to make sure that investors were able to move their tokens standard ERC20 to the new network. Founder of TRON Foundation Justin San announced on Twitter about “independence Day”:

Begin with a live broadcast of the independence Day TRON. Join our free decentralized Internet.

The authors of the articles in the company blog, writing that the Foundation has provided a platform and created a channel for community members and shareholders. The channel underwent a 12-hour live broadcast. During this period, the Fund has distributed “a small amount of tokens TRX to users TRON was able to test various characteristics of the core network”, the article said.

The transition to an independent network will allow to test in practice the validity of the claims of the TRON on the role of a competitor to Ethereum as the base public blockchain platform that supports the development of decentralized applications. According to the developers of TRON, conducted their internal tests showed that their network is 400 times faster than the Ethereum network.

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