The head of the financial market Committee of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov considers that in Russia it is necessary to create conditions for the development of the ICO. The MP said at a press conference following the St Petersburg international economic forum.

“We on the forum were discussing the location of the digital assets for investment in various projects small and medium-sized businesses. According to some statistics, the experts gave me in 60 times increased the volume of funds raised to Finance projects through the process of ICO. If it works, it is necessary to create the conditions, and quite possibly, we can also make good money. The more everyone says that a big part of participating in the ICO, is the Russian people,” — said Aksakov.

According to him, the amount of funding attracted to projects through the ICO in Russia is not exactly known.

“This issue is not settled, and no accurate statistics do not know” — said the head of the Duma Committee.

The bills designed to regulate Russia’s sphere of cryptocurrency and ICO, was introduced in the state Duma on March 20, the group of deputies headed by Aksakov. The draft laws “On digital of financial assets” and “About alternative ways of attracting investment (crowdfunding)” has already received government approval and gone through the first reading in the lower house of Parliament.

Earlier, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev has called Russia the largest market for raising funds through ICO and encouraged to avoid rigid regulation in this sphere.