In Almere, half an hour from Amsterdam, will appear a futuristic village ReGen area of 20 hectares where the infrastructure and incentive bonuses for the residents will control the artificial intelligence and the blockchain. This writes Fast Company.

The time Bank on the blockchain will take into account residents spent hours on volunteer work for the public good (cleaning in the garden, teaching yoga, or care for the elderly). Spent on labor hours converted into discounts on payments for the maintenance of common areas (e.g. gardens, swimming pool, fitness center).

Ecoholic in Almere will be independent of Central power grids, and to artificial intelligence connect the entire infrastructure — water supply, farms and recycling centers.


The settlement does not provide for automobile infrastructure. The villagers, the authors propose to use a Bicycle or public transport.

In the village is 203 homes cost from €200 thousand to €850 thousand. If the authors ReGen successfully completes latest round of financing, and local administration will approve the project, the construction of the “village of the future” will begin in 2019.

ForkLog previously reported that the authorities of Liverpool will implement a blockchain solution to combat carbon emissions.