The developers of Ethereum Classic announced the successful upgrade of the network at the block 5,900,000, which allowed to eliminate the so-called “bomb complexity.”

Difficulty Bomb has been removed (ECIP-1041)

— Gas Tracker (@gastrackerio) 29 may 2018 R.

To determine the exact number of the updated node is difficult, however, according to participating developers, most of the nodes, and mining pools, announced the update of their software well before the scheduled upgrade of the network, notes CoinDesk.

Immediately after the upgrade, there were no signs of negative outcomes or mistakes. It is expected that the update will reduce the time required to create the block, and will further alienate both technically and ideologically blackany Еthereum and Ethereum Classic.

The discussion of the fork began in 2016. While the Ethereum community is inclined to transition to Proof-of-stake, the Ethereum community Classic decided to continue to use Proof-of-work.

According to the participants Ethereum Classic, this method of reaching consensus more effectively resists centralization. Proponents of this approach argue that the algorithm Proof-of-work requires that miners continuously invested in equipment and therefore the blockchain.

We will remind, according to the Brazilian researcher Husam Abboud from the University of FECAP in são Paulo, a potential attack on the Ethereum network Classic (ETC) will cost only $55 million and can bring the attackers to $1 billion.