Daily rewards for mining blocks in Ethereum has decreased from 20 000 to 15000 ETH after activating the bomb difficulty. Thus launched the soft version of “ice age” which will last until the activation of hard forks Constantinople, expected on February 27, writes Trustnodes.

After the upgrade the main Ethereum, the size of awards will be reduced from 3 ETH for the block to ETH 2, and the launch of another “bomb of complexity” will be postponed for a year.

Due to the increase in time of extraction of blocks, every two weeks the emission of coins will fall about 2000 ETH. If the activation Constantinople does not happen, the complexity can rise to the level where in Ethereum would be impossible to produce even one unit.

Now is the time for mining a single block in Ethereum, on average, about 18 seconds in the previous step, this required 15 seconds. The Commission remains at the level of procenta.

According to CoinMarketCap, the last day price Ethereum grew to $108.

Earlier in January, representatives of the mining pools stated that the implementation in Constantinople template EIP-1234, reducing the reward per block to 2 ETH, instantly putting pressure on the entire economy of mining.