Manufacturer of hardware wallets best wallet reported the appearance of the fake devices One best wallet created and distributed by unknown people. Note that the counterfeit purses are usually sold at a discount that should be alerted of buyers.

[PSA] In recent weeks we have discovered a non-genuine best wallet One devices which try to imitate the original to the bone.

For more information on how to spot a fake best wallet One device, please read our latest blog post here:

— Best wallet (@best wallet) 19 Nov 2018

Also in best wallet stressed that it is necessary to pay attention to the security hologram on the packaging.

On the left is fake, right is original

Wallet developers asked all of the users who purchased a counterfeit, contact support, and in any case not to use the device.

At the same time, in the best wallet provided a list of trusted resources for the purchase of devices, including shop at the official site, shop at Amazon and a network of reliable distributors.

Previously, the release of new software versions for the Model T (2.0.9) and best wallet One (1.7.1).

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