Diar analysts, citing data from Pitchbook, the company said that the traditional venture capital investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency of the company for the three quarters of 2018 reached $3.9 billion Is 280% more than estimated in 2017. Marked increase both in the number of transactions and the median of the invested amounts, which exceeded $1 million.

10 largest venture deals this year accounted for $1.3 billion of investment, although only one of the 10 companies offers its own token, DFINITY, and the rest of the shares. Bitmain has attracted the most money – $400 million from Sequoia Capital. Followed by DFINITY ($163 million), Basis ($133 million), R3 ($122 million), Circle ($110 million), Seba Crypto ($104 million), Lеdger ($77 million), Paxos ($65 million), Uphold ($57.5 million) and the Figure ($55 million).

The most active venture investor for today, according to Diar, is a Digital Currency Group (DCG), which is held in cryptosphere 110 deals. Behind her are the company’s Blockchain Capital and Pantera Capital, which account for 100 trades. Among the traditional venture capital firms most active Andreessen Horowitz, Danhua Capital, and Future Perfect Ventures, and business angels – Tim Draper (Tim Draper), Ravikant Navale (Naval Ravikant), Roger Ver (Roger Ver) and Barry Silbert (Barry Silbert).

However, about 2000 investors invested although a blockchain company (the 50 most active of them in 8 companies). With more than half of them consider projects not only in the blockchain sector, and there are interested investors from the United States (79%), China (12%), South Korea (2%) and Singapore (2%).

We will remind, today it became known that the largest venture capital company in South Korea Korea Investment Partners (KIP) invested in her first blockchain startup, and the Cabinet of this country has recently decided to cease to qualify activities to cryptocurrency trading and brokerage operations as a business venture.

Earlier Pantera Capital began seeking opportunities to involve in its third cryptocurrency venture capital Fund of $175 million, while the assets under management of the first two totaled $13 million and $25 million, respectively. A venture company, Golden Gate Ventures has announced plans to open in Singapore first in Southeast Asia cryptocurrency venture Fund LuneX Ventures with $10 million of assets.