International Association of decentralized cryptocurrencies and blockchain (IDACB) will launch three funds with a total capital of $300 million for development of the market of kryptonyte. This was announced by the international Secretary of the Association Maxim Chereshnev.

“For the development of blockchain-market IDACB IDACB launches Fund to support the market kriptonyte. In the framework of the Fund will be as stabilization funds for top 30 and top 10 crypto-currencies indices and a Fund for the support of the ICO projects at an early stage. Each of the funds is limited to $100 million Thus, the basic component — $300 million,” he said during a press conference at the world summit of the blockchain and cryptocurrency WBCSummit.

The Association also implements a program verification ICO-projects for preventing fraud and Scam.

“IDACB will facilitate to market the ICO and the blockchain was not subject to scamu, and it runs a verification program, where countries would be to check the projects,” said Cheryshev.

To help blockchain projects with the international level, the Association will conduct a presentation for foreign investors. The first such roadshow is planned for early summer in Asian countries.

The Association plans to create a Council of experts (Council of advisors), in which each country-participant will be able to delegate to 10 members.

We will remind, earlier IDACB with the help of technology AI has built the ratings Cryptologic and CryptoStream the world. As a result, the ranking of cities topped new York, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, in the ranking of CryptoStream leader by a wide margin were the United States, followed by artificial intelligence endeared India, Malaysia and Nigeria.