Google announced the tightening of requirements for placement of extensions for the Chrome browser in the Chrome Web Store, and also intends to make adjustments to the rules for developers creating products requiring elevated privileges. It is expected that such measures will help to protect users from “improper operation” of extensions and malware, including hidden miners and tools used to hack your PC and steal your money.

So, in the Chrome Web Store is now forbidden to post extensions with hidden features or complicated code: the developers doubtful applications has 90 days to comply with the new requirements of Google. In addition, starting next year, the extension developers will have to use two-factor authentication, to reduce the risk of substitution of their products in the store.

However, starting with version Chrome 70, which is now in beta testing, users will be able to restrict the extensions to a list of sites and set access to them after confirming proper authorization. The “suited” to be verified by a more complex procedure.

Representatives of the company noted: for them it is very important that users can trust the extensions that are installed, and to be confident in their safety, reliability in the protection of personal data and efficiency.

“The range of possibilities of installed extensions and data access for users should always be transparent,” – said in Google.

Recall that Google introduced a ban on adding in the Chrome Web Store extensions designed for cryptocurrency mining, from 2 April this year. And in July, Google Play has updated the policy Center for developers, adding new categories of prohibited content. So the opportunity to get to the store lost application for mining cryptocurrency on the device, although the application, “regulating mining distantly,” remain available to users.