IT is a Japanese Corporation Fujitsu has successfully tested the blockchain system to solve the problems of inefficient management of the exchange of excess electricity.

Fujitsu are jointly electricity supplier company ENERES used the blockchain technology to provide a more stable energy supply in peak periods.

As noted in the press release, the technology of the existing system Demand Response (DR), which provides consumer access to the surplus electricity during periods of peak demand, making it inefficient. The process was to improve the application of the blockchain.

“Fujitsu is currently developing a system in which electricity consumers can effectively share the excess power that they produced through their own production or of economy”, — said in a statement.

The use of a blockchain system for the exchange of surplus electricity has helped to achieve about 40% more efficient than the existing DR, said Fujitsu.

This is not the first experience of the Japanese Corporation in the field of DLT. Previously, Fujitsu took the test and clearing the blockchain platform, the Japanese banking Association (JBA), has developed a technology ConnectionChain for payments in various cryptocurrencies. The company has also opened a Center blockchain innovation in Brussels.