If a bear market scare You, You might want to listen to advice from experienced economic researcher and editor of Forbes Jeffrey Tucker, who once bought a bitcoin for $14. According to Tucker, the current situation on the market — is a usual thing for “old school” bitcoin investors, and in the long term bitcoin will be able to justify any expectations.

Jeffrey Tucker knows all about the money. Not only as an entrepreneur, a businessman or a trader, but also as an active researcher of financial innovation. Interest in the new asset class in the face of bitcoin was a natural for him.

“My interest in cryptocurrency is purely intellectual, as well as my fascination with money, since I first plunged into this subject.”

Those who were familiar with the finances and the seamy side of banking activities, as well as those who disliked the government for the sole right to issue currency, immediately embarked on a viable alternative to money in the face of bitcoin. Tucker advocated the adoption of cryptocurrencies before many other cryptozoologists and famous fans.

“I was very disappointed when I realized that people are not interested in the prospects for the new financial technologies and the beauty of the software architecture outside the context of the price of the asset.”

Jeffrey Tucker encourages one to forget about price and not to pay attention to temporary correction, we are talking about a global restructuring of the financial system in the long term. This advice Tucker gave in 2014, when bitcoin price fell for the first time more than 50% after the end of the rally.

According to Tucker, the course itself is not the determining factor of technology. Cryptowall is characteristic of unreliable volatility, but it does not reflect usefulness or uselessness of bitcoin. In addition, the industry is still under testing and experimentation.

“Because people are used to evaluate technology from the perspective of current trends, without paying attention to the overall picture, many correction cryptocurrency 2018 seems to be a real disaster — even if in the past the market experienced more difficult times and still was able to recover”.”Speaking of bitcoin, the bipolar nature of the course you just need to get used to, after all, the value of the asset goes far beyond its value.” Discuss current news and events on the Forum