Another follower Binance with its platform Launchpad has become the largest market OKEx.

According to operating Director OKEx Andy Cheung, already almost all is ready to launch a platform for the new tokens. As follows from # hashtag to the tweet it might be OK JumpStart.

Many has asked if we’ll do a token launch platform. The answer is YES. We’ve prepared it for months. And now it is ready to launch. I’m as excited as everyone for this move. Can’t wait to see more innovative projects to join the blockchain revolution through @OKEx.#OKJumpStart

— Andy Cheung OKEx (@AndyC0125) March 12, 2019

For more information about the new platform is still unknown.

Earlier today it was reported that the analogue of Binance Launchpad launches trading platform Bittrex International. The first IEO on the new platform will take place on March 15, and the pioneer will be focused on the gaming industry project RAID token XRD.

Also recall, is preparing to launch a platform Huobi Prime. However presented her assets will be based on our own token exchange HT.

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