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Exchange BitMart launches “Mission X”, whereby traders themselves will decide which project is worthy of listing on BitMart. Decisions are made by voting with tokens BMX.

Many of crypto currency exchange offers a simple, clear model of trading. But the ICO projects are increasing, trading volumes are rising and the exchange moderniziriruyutsya under the new conditions of the market. A new trend that came from the East, “Trans-FeeMining”, or “mining” transaction. Its essence is the reward tokens exchange for active trade on it. Although some criticize this method of earning, nevertheless, the model has already shown itself from the best side. Prior to its launch Binance has been an industry leader in trading volume: about $ 1 billion a day. Once the incentive program “Trans-FeeMining” introduced two major exchanges: Singapore and Hong Kong Coinbene Bit-Z — they’ve risen in the ranking and exceeded $1.5 billion per day.

In the footsteps of the successful Asian colleagues went and exchange BitMart, offering their own interpretation of mining transactions: now, the traders themselves will decide which projects can be placed on BitMart. ICO-startups may receive investments from their supporters in token of the exchange — BMX. They then can be used to enumerate the coins project on the stock market as a trading pair for BMX. All transaction fees from the transactions with this currency pair go directly to the users who supported the project. In addition, the tokens of a successful ICO will be released in major markets BitMart, becoming home to the largest cryptocurrency. This project “bitmart” dubbed “Mission X”, because for many competitors, it seems impossible.

According to SEO BitMart Sheldon Sya, the idea of hashing transactional can be transformed into the market of public listing when traders decide which projects will be eligible to stay on the exchange. Sheldon Xia stresses that “Mission X” will attract supporters ICO-startup to trade on the cryptocurrency market:

This program gives users the ability to decide what projects they want to see on our exchange. Thus, we create a self — regulating market, said Sheldon Xia, founder and CEO of BitMart, — It also allows the projects recently released from the stage of ICO, to get a listing on a major stock exchange in the early stage of its development, stimulating growth and innovation for blockchain technology.

Mechanics of implementation of the “Mission X” is. First, the startups will be aimed at obtaining investments from their supporters in the investment lab. Users will be encouraged to support their favorite projects, investing in them BMX-tokens. The guarantors of the transactions will serve as a smart contract ERC20, NEP5 and Stellar. The minimum you need to collect 1 000 000 BMX. All tokens invested by supporters, will be frozen for 90 days to give the project enough time to go to the next stage. If the project reaches 1 000 000 BMX, all investment Fund will be unfrozen and returned to investors.

The next step for token-ICO-startup, held the lab will enter the trading market BitMart in a couple of BMX. Trade Commission will be 0.1%. Operating income from all trades token to BMX will be paid to supporters of the project as a reward, as in the classic “Trans-FeeMining”. To ensure transparency, BitMart will disclose all income, and e-mail addresses of supporters of the project. And they at this stage can be thawed and grown as a result of powerful Restigouche tokens of exchange. However, if the project falls below 1 000 000 BMX, it will be removed from the market for reinvestment in the laboratory. BitMart promises to support all of the startups that have passed the first stage of the investment and enter the market, bringing them investment cap up to 5 000 000 BMX for the first three days of each month after the BMX market.

The third stage is the release of the new coins on the main market of BitMart, where it becomes in a couple of the largest cryptocurrency in the world. However, she still can continue to bargain in relation to BMX.

Any project interested in the market of public listing BitMart, can submit their applications by completing the following google form.

Recall that BitMart Exchange is a leading global trading platform for digital assets in the cryptocurrency market with more than 450 000 users worldwide and the top 50 on CoinMarketCap. BitMart trades scriptactive and only yutiliti tokens. BitMart is a global team with extensive experience in the industry worldwide, including: United States, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Since the launch in March the total trading volume BitMart is more than $690 million, a daily average of $20-25 million BitMart currently offers 53 currency pairs for BTC, ETH, USDT, XLM, EOS, VEN, NEO, OMG, ZRX, IOST, ABT, AE, AISI, BBK, BTM, DPST, EFX, GNT, HYDRO, KAN, MKR, ONT, RHOC, XRR, ZIL, MOBI, and BMX.

To learn more about the market BitMart, go to resources:

The website https://www.bitmart.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/BitMartExchange
Or join the Telegram — https://t.me/BitmartExchange

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