The Maltese platform tokenization assets STASIS launched EURS — stablein (token EIP20 on the Ethereum), pegged to the Euro. The company States that the purpose of the EURS is to become the largest fully secured steilcoom in the world. Pre-release coins will be $100 million in dollar terms, with plans for a market capitalization of $500 million to the end of the year. This writes for Bitcoin Magazine.

STASIS claims that EURS will be able to ensure the protection of investors in periods of extreme volatility in the market. The head of the company Gregory Klumov believes that EURS in the first place will attract more European institutional investors. He says:

We believe that the market is not enough stablon with a transparent mechanism for assets. Advanced three-level review process EURS assets makes it an exceptional project.

This “pre-three-level validation process” presented in the form of daily and weekly statements of accounts and quarterly audits prepared by the investment company Exante.

Currently, the total number of tokens in circulation is equivalent to 291 000. The company claims that its collateral reserve managed by a “European institution with AAA rating”. EURS is traded only on the London crypto currency exchange DSX, but in the future the company plans to add assets in the listings of other cryptocurrency platforms.