Decentralized Trustless exchange Ethfinex added to the listing of digital assets of DAI Augur, MakerDAO, Basic Token Attention, SpankChain and Autonio AI.

DAI Augur, MakerDAO, Basic Token Attention, SpankChain and Autonio AI are now live on

Trade instantly against a highly liquid, centralised order book — No signups, deposits or loss of custody. $DAI $REP $MKR $BAT $SPANK $NIO

— Ethfinex (@ethfinex) 31 Zhovtnya 2018 R.

All new assets are available for trade in pairs with Ethereum (ETH) and steilcoom Tether (USDT).

Also representatives promised on 1 November to add support for coins projects INTchain, Dragonchain and Kleros.

Congratulations to @INTCHAIN, @dragonchaingang, and @Kleros_io on winning round 12 of the Listing Ethfinex Community Vote!

All 3 projects will be added to Ethfinex and @bitfinex on Thursday, November 1st, against ETH and USD.

Get ready on

— Ethfinex (@ethfinex) 30 Zhovtnya 2018 R.

Recall that a decentralized Trustless platform Ethfinex was presented by the Bitfinex team in September.

The platform gives the possibility to make cryptocurrency transactions without registration and providing personal data. To connect to the platform, you can use the wallets MetaMask, Ledger, best wallet and the Keystore.

The developers have promised in the future to add to the listing 40 tokens, including couples with steilcoom Dai, put the exchange on smart contracts 0x V2 and to provide access to logs of trade requests Bitfinex, increasing the liquidity of the platform.