You browse memes! Let’s see what were discussing and laughing about cryptologist in the penultimate week of February. Bonus: at the end of the article, you will find cryptopine, which will warn the trader from adversity and lead to success.

For a start, let’s recap some events this week:

Let’s talk about price:

— Joe (Cow@TehJoeCow) 19 Feb 2019

Look at yourself from the outside:

— Joe (Cow@TehJoeCow) 20 February 2019

And soberly assess the situation:

— Joe (Cow@TehJoeCow) 19 Feb 2019

And now the bonus! Here are a few signs you should be aware of each trader during the period of the dump:

  • go to the exchange if you’re drunk — trouble
  • visit CoinMarketCap in the “red days” — hysterical
  • become a supporter of the graphs — to die in poverty
  • made the Christmas tree until next December — a growing trend not wait for the whole year
  • looked at the portfolio to tears
  • bought RIPL — loss

Signs to encourage not to frighten PAMP:

  • pump can not be started in new clothes or in the clothes you wore not long (it is best to have a “happy” pants or skirt)
  • during Pampa cryptocurrency ask friends to abuse her worth (a sign will not work if the cryptocurrency will scold you without your consent)
  • ask friends to squeeze Cams and not to open them until your chosen cryptocurrency will not get in the top 10 (although it is unlikely you will find a person who are able to unclench your fists for months…)
  • during Pampa is not worth going to the hairdresser is going to cut a profit together with hair (guys before you pump is not advised to shave)
  • the morning before the pump needs to get out of bed with left foot, brush your teeth with your left hand and, standing on the left leg in front of the computer to make the price (a belief based on the conviction that the left side is heart, and it will not fail)
  • you can’t read BitcoinTalk during the pump — price increases, only when I look at it (the distraction will be graphics and other cryptocurrencies)
  • when the pump is prohibited to listen to loud music — it will give your brain to focus on the desired information (quiet classical music contributes to the stable growth rates)
  • if you decide to go for a walk — do not leave the stock account open, and cryptomonad evaporate
  • and of course, at night, do not forget to put a photo of Satoshi under the pillow

Memes — all, and ForkLog it’s only the beginning!