For several days the Dash shows strong growth. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency has risen by 7.96%, reaching a price of $88, and today its average market price rose by 9.3% and now is estimated at $92, according to RBC Crypto.

The rate of the token began to rise after he was added to the London platform Equicex. The coin began to support and debit cards English project. About integration reported by the developers Dash in Twitter account.

Equicex Integrates Dash Into Debit Cards and Exchange that Expands Spending and Liquidity Options#FinTech #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Dash #Crypto #Bitcoin @Dashpay @equicexgroup

— Dash News (@DashpayNews) March 11, 2019

Price jump has allowed Dash to shift the token IOTA with 14 ranked in the capitalization of cryptocurrencies according Сoinmarketcap. This is one of the few positive events that happened to anonymous Aldona for the last time. The project is now Dash is going through hard times. Last week the developers of the project announced about the financial problems in the company and announced the layoffs.

Analysts do not hurry up with forecasts as to how long to grow a cryptocurrency. Now most of the altcoins is expensive, the total cost of digital money over the past day has increased by $1 billion to $134 billion.

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