Employees of the Polessky Department of the police of Ukraine together with Rivne police investigators exposed the inhabitant of Bukovina, which installed a script for mining cryptocurrency in the HTML code administered by them the Internet-resources with free literature and scientific works, and thus was mined cryptocurrency on the computers of visitors to these sites. It is reported that, according to statistics, these resources were monthly visited by more than 1.5 million users.

“Using the computing power of the processor and graphics card, the attacker interfered with the work of electronic computing machinery visitors of the above Internet resources. This led to the violation of the established order routing information and further deterioration in the operation of computers visitor,” – says the Police.

During the search in the apartment of the malefactor withdrew for examination of computer equipment, Bank cards, other media and drafts. Against it the criminal proceedings initiated under part 2 of article 361 (unauthorized intervention in work of computers, automated systems, computer networks or telecommunication networks) the criminal code of Ukraine, which could lead to imprisonment for up to six years.

Recall that, according to the report, Security Intelligence Report of Microsoft, based on the analysis provided by corporate and private data users, in 2018, cryptogamia attacked Ukrainians and Russians 3 times more often than the world average. According to estimates of the group Cyber Threat Alliance, the number of attacks cryptogamia in 2018 increased by 459% compared to the previous year.