Famous comedian bill Cosby have invested their savings in bitcoins to hide them from creditors and his wife. This was reported by the website Radar Online, noting that 81-year-old Cosby was previously found guilty on three counts in the rape case.

The final verdict from the court until the end of September, and Cosby allegedly decided to “hide” $5 million from authorities and the public, buying in the money bitcoins.

The publication highlights Radar Online that the actor could make a decision about cryptocurrency also in order to hide money from his wife, who announced their intention to file for divorce. The comedian himself has not commented on this information; its official representatives, including counsel, also refrained from making any statements.

It should be noted that the representatives of the elites often apply to digital currencies. For example, Ms. Gabbard Congresswoman Tulsi invested in buy litecoin and ether, but noted that any income from such investments is not received.