Leading platform for the exchange and sale of bitcoin and other digital assets Coinbase announced the upcoming support Ethereum Classic, provoking a rapid growth of the asset price.

As stated in the Coinbase blog, the company’s employees have received the relevant notification and begin work on the integration of this 18th by market capitalization crypto-currencies.

We are pleased to announce our intention to add support for Ethereum Classic (ETC) on Coinbase in the coming months.https://t.co/bUG4iLUr2J

— Coinbase (@coinbase) June 12 2018

“In this process, users will be able to see the public API and other signs that the ETC is in the process of adding a”, — stated in the message.

The California-based company also added that official start date the full support of the coin will be announced through social networks in the coming months.

“When we reach the final stages of testing technical integration that needs to happen in the next few months, we will publicly announce the commencement date of trading in our blog and Twitter”.

Full support ETC, you must add the asset to the exchange CoinbasePro (GDAX) and the traditional exchange platform. In addition, the planned addition of coins and in other services of the company, including oriented institutional investors Coinbase Custody.

Also ETC will be added to the Coinbase Index Fund, which is formed from all company-sponsored assets. Currently, the minimum investment in the Fund is $250 000, and it is available to accredited investors from the United States.

Coinbase clients must also please the news that the company will finally release the coins ETC, the result of hard forks Ethereum in the summer of 2016, and will give users the opportunity to exchange them, and withdraw.

Against the background of these news price Ethereum Classic went up rapidly. At the peak on Tuesday morning, June 12, average rate ETC, previously at just below $13, only a few minutes reached $16.15, then adjusted to $15.45.

Data CoinMarketCap

Also significantly increased the volume of trading ETC – just an hour after the announcement, the figure rose more than twofold from $120 million to $280 million.

Recall that in late may in Ethereum Classic had a successful hardwork, eliminating the so-called “bomb complexity.”