Co-founder of the sixth largest pool F2Pool Xing Yu published a list of 23 devices for mining and the threshold prices of cryptocurrencies, below which the production of digital assets will be unprofitable. This writes 8btc.

In their calculations, Shin Yu took into account the electricity tariff of 0.45 yuan per kWh ($0,06). It turned out that the popular device Antminer from Bitmain S9 break-even point is around $4424. Thus, if the rate drops below this level, mining for S9 will cause damage.

Also, according to Xing Yu, are the most profitable to mine bitcoin using a device Terminator 2 (T2) from the Chinese holding company Innosilicon. For this equipment, the profitability threshold is around $3896.

The older and much less efficient model Antminer S7 at the current difficulty level “goes to zero” at a price around $11 594. As of 7 September, the exchange rate of bitcoin fluctuates at a mark of $6400, this means that mining on the S7 brings losses to their owners.

In addition, when mining altcoins with their current course Dash ($177), Siacoin ($0,005) and Bytom ($0,17) financial losses for the owners of devices A3 Antminer, Antminer Antminer B3 and D3, respectively.

ForkLog previously reported that mining company Bitmain can earn $5 billion less than planned.