The head of the largest trading volumes, bitcoin exchanges Binance, Chanpen Zhao said that in the beginning, when the site was making its first steps in the industry, she was attacked by one major player.

In his recent post on LinkedIn, Zhao writes that such attacks on Binance were many and they come from different exchanges, each of which had its own reasons. To those he considers concerns for rapid progress Binance, the desire to become famous, attempts to use the exchange for their own growth and the usual envy.

However, according to him, all these efforts to cause Binance only made the exchange better and stronger.

“In the period of Binance, when we were very young, we were attacked by a large exchange. They tried to remain anonymous, but people are smart and quickly figured them. They only increased the trust towards us. When a large exchange is attacking a small exchange, pledge, apparently, carries some risk. At that time they had much higher coverage, and it was great that they helped us to Express ourselves. So many of us know. They analyzed our business and we began to use what later said”, wrote Chanpen Zhao, without revealing the name of the exchange in question.

He also says that bad news tend to spread faster than good, however, believes that any publicity is good publicity, especially for young companies that are trying to win a place in the market.

Chanpen, Zhao says that the image they tried to create around Binance, it didn’t bother, because to deceive people is not so simple. According to him, these attacks have helped to bring into the community new members and unite those already there were.

Also the head of the Binance believes that some of the projects he spoke negatively about the stock exchange due to the fact that she had denied them in the placement of tokens. Such projects, says Zhao, called Binance “Scam” or even “illegal business”. However, he asked if it’s illegal exchange, why they wanted to place their tokens?

The best response to such attacks, emphasizes Zhao is ignoring them and their own hard work to become even more successful.

Earlier this week, Chanpen Zhao said that the launch of the test network block Chain Binance, which is the basis of a decentralized exchange Binance DEX, will be held on February 20.