Vulnerability in a decentralized EOS application DEOSBet allowed the player to win several times in a row. Due to a bug, the total amount of payments amounted to $24 000, writes TheNextWeb.

Within the hour a blockchain-based platform for bids from developers DEOSGames 24 times paid jackpot to a user under the nickname “runningsnail” size 197 EOS (around $1000).

Probably payments to occur automatically. Every time a player transferred 10 EOS, DEOSBet paid him the win on average in 30 seconds.

Meanwhile, the developers DEOSGames confirmed the presence of vulnerabilities in the smart contract and stated that he made significant improvements.

We are back up and running with EOS game for the last 6+ hours. Yesterday, we got a malicious exploit contract our contract. it is a good stress test and we got significant improvements on contract level. Keep doing what we do, remember we are still in beta!

— DEOSGames (@DEOS_Games) 10 Sep 2018

Unknown at this time, there was this vulnerability in the application only DEOSBet or it affected all smart contracts on the network EOS.

ForkLog previously reported that EOS was discovered a bug that allows attackers to gain access to valuable network resources users without any authorization.

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