Blockchain startup Blockstack one step closer to its goal of creating a decentralized Internet (web 3.0), announcing the creation of the directory for decentralized applications (dapps). This writes Coinspeaker.

According to the publication, every month there are more decentralized applications, and part of it is decentralized versions of already known centralized applications. For example, its decentralized alternatives have WhatsApp (Stealthy), YouTube (DTube), Twitter (Peepeth) and Google Docs (Graphite).

With the purpose to combine in one place all the known decentralized applications and make them available to a wider audience and a new Blockstack project is the first ecosystem universal Dapp Store.

Currently on the platform you can find more than 150 decentralized applications, based on technologies Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, etc. these include, for example, applications for the gaming industry, social networking and Finance.

In the future the startup plans to add to the platform compiled by the users rating the applications. As stated in the blog Blockstack, the company wants to “democratize the process of development of decentralized apps and reward developers for good user experience”.

Also the startup team notes that the Dapp Store are created in order to combine decentralized community and to introduce users to the opportunities that decentralization opens up a variety of industries.

We will remind, in may 2017 Blockstack announced the launch of the decentralized Internet browser that offers users simple and secure access to websites using a single identification system.

In December of the same year, the new York startup has raised around $50 million investment. In financing the project involved over 800 individuals and organizations, including Winklevoss Capital, Union Square Ventures (USV), Foundation Capital, Lux Capital, Capital Blockchain, Digital Currency Group, partner at Y Combinator Kasar Yunis, the founder of Techcrunch Michael Arrington and founder of Digg Kevin rose.