New York blockchain platform Blockstack has launched a universal directory of decentralized apps Dapp Store, which, according to its co-founder Ryan Shea (Ryan Shea) was designed to fill the gap between the developers of decentralized applications and users. The developers will be free to enjoy the benefits of the project open source, because Shi believes it is critically important for the development of dapps.

In Dapp Store has over 150 decentralized applications created on the basis of the Blockstack, Ethereum, EOS, IPFS, Steem, etc. it is Expected that in the future the platform will be much more apps, and users will be able to give them grades, “democratizarea” movement and thus rewarding the developers for their “great user experience”.

Recall that in mid-August Blockstack announced the launch venture Fund at $25 million, which is tasked with accelerating the development of new decentralized version of the Internet.