Payment service BitPay and Coinbase after Binance announced support for Bitcoin ABC in the forthcoming the hard forks of Bitcoin Cash.

“System BitPay uses a basic implementation of Bitcoin Cash called Bitcoin ABC. [Developers] Bitcoin ABC has planned the change of the Bitcoin Protocol through hardwork Cash, which will be held on November 15,… BitPay has no plans to switch from ABC to another Bitcoin implementation Bitcoin Cash”, – stated in the blog service.

BitPay also recommends the users not to conduct transactions in the period from about two hours before the hard forks and during it, as this may lead to loss or double expenditure.

The funds at the time hard forks will be stored in your wallet will be safe.

Apart from Coinbase, BitPay and Binance, team Bitcoin ABC that follows “visions of Satoshi” in relation to the client and the network, also supported the largest mining pool for Bitcoin mining Cash – Coingecko. It is expected that if the market for the most part support this view, the individual miners will also take the side of Bitcoin ABC.

The company nChain which represents the other side of the fork, in turn, believe that they restore the original vision of bitcoin and ignore all evidence to the contrary.

We will remind that after the introduction of the updates OP_CHECKDATASIG, which was known in advance, should improve the script language of Bitcoin Cash. It is necessary to use data coming from external sources. After a hard forks of the blockchain will support atomic swaps.

Supporters of the upgrade believe that the new feature will allow Bitcoin to Cash to become more scalable. In addition, changes in Protocol will help make better use of smart contracts. Opponents, however, hard forks are sure that this is not necessary, but the changes themselves do not meet the “spirit of cryptocurrency”.

The company nChain presented their version Bitcoin Cash in which contradictions do not exist in August.