In the third for the period September 2017 study of the state of the ICO-sphere analysts BitMEX TokenAnalyst Research and came to the conclusion that the reserves of the ICO projects are the result of a General decline in the stock market, and given the $1.5 billion gain from likely to sell their own tokens down to the level of $5 billion, despite the fact that all of them were released assets of $24 billion, and at the peak of prices, their value reached the level of $80 billion.

The highest value at the moment, in their opinion, represent tokens Veritaseum, Binance, Kin, Huobi Token, 0x, Qash, Maker, Gnosis, Polymath, Dent.


Additionally, BitMEX and TokenAnalyst said: cryptosuite forget that team projects can earn not only on offer to investors only issued token, and to issue assets for themselves.

Researchers believe that the ICO market at the moment there is a lack of adherence to standards and lack of transparency – especially in matters relating to the assets held by the projects for themselves. They can burn, buy, sell, not allowing analysts to track these movements. Thus, conclusions about the realized profits were made on the basis of information about transfers of funds from cryptocell projects, but it is likely that these movements were not associated with the sale, and for other purposes.

Combining the above with our analysis of the Ethereum holdings in the project treasury accounts, it looks like ICO teams may have made almost US$13 billion from the ICO process.https://t.co/NTXHg0J3pJ

Thanks to @jai_prasad17 and @ankitchiplunkar from @thetokenanalyst pic.twitter.com/jHrUkjZBpW

— BitMEX Research (@BitMEXResearch) January 16, 2019

We will remind, in October 2018, examining information on the 222 projects that spent the ICO on the Ethereum blockchain, analysts BitMEX Research and TokenAnalyst decided that the withdrawal of such projects may not have a significant impact on the price of the top Aldona. This conclusion is based on the fact that as of September 2018 a large part of the attracted funds they have already sold and “rather sit on unrealized income than unrealized losses.”