Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has introduced a new set opensorce libraries to test and implement trading strategies.

As part of the Honey Framework, today we are releasing a new set of open source libraries that together provide a full trading strategy backtesting framework: bfx-hf-strategy, bfx-hf-backtest, and bfx-hf-data-server.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) 24 Zhovtnia 2018 R.

Library bfx-hf-strategy, bfx-hf-backtest and bfx-hf-data-server complement presented last week a set of tools for high-frequency trading Honey Framework. These libraries allow users to create trading strategies that react to market changes and to use the indicators bfx-hf-indicators.

The developers emphasize that to date this is only an alpha version, respectively, the contents of the libraries can be been significantly changed. On the other hand, the company is sure that the tools are already stable enough to provide their tech-savvy users.

The strategy can be tested on historical data, and put into operation in real conditions using the API provided by the exchange. Along with the previously presented tools, these libraries are part of a complete set of automated tools for trading Honey Framework.

In the coming months will launch a website with the documentation for each of the libraries. In addition, the developers have promised to complement the Honey Framework of new features and tools for high frequency trading.

In addition, Bitfinex announced the new version bfx-hf-algo, in which a new order type for algorithmic trading Ping/Pong.

We’ve also updated bfx-hf-algo to version 1.0.4, and with it comes a new algorithmic order type: Ping/Pong.

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) 24 Zhovtnia 2018 R.

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