Pineapple charitable Foundation Fund, whose assets consisted solely bitcoins fulfilled its mission by donating 5 104 bitcoins (55 million dollars) to various non-profit organizations. This may 10 wrote in a farewell Reddit post, the founder of the Foundation.

In December, when the bitcoin exchange rate approached a record 20 thousand dollars from an anonymous donor under the name Pine set a goal of Fund 5057 bitcoins (at the time – around 86 million dollars). As a result, this amount was 31 million dollars less than expected due to the decrease in the crypto-market in early 2018 – Pine explained his cryptocurrency “bubble”.

“Crypto-bubble of 2017 did not last long, so 5104 bitcoin has turned into $ 55 million. I am happy and proud of the impact this money, largely due to the amazing charities and people who work there”.

According to the Pineapple Fund, the Foundation donated 750 55 000 $ 60 charitable organisations worldwide, engaged in various activities from projects to deliver drinking water in the regions located South of the Sahara, to protect digital copyright.

In January, Pineapple Fund said it will donate $ 4 million non-profit Interdisciplinary Association for the study of psychedelics (MAPS) on the psychotherapy of patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with MDMA. In April, the Director of MAPS is Nonsense des Berges said that the medicine shows “promising results in the treatment of PTSD.”

In February UNICEF organized a charity event, which asked gamers to use their GPU for mining Ethereum. Gamers could enable the mining program UNICEF at the time when their PC was idle without business, and nominingue funds was planned to extend humanitarian aid for Syrian children.