Next week nonprofit decentralized platform service funds Befund will complete its ICO. This is the last opportunity to buy tokens BFDT before they arrive on cryptocurrency exchanges by the end of the year.

Befund was created against the background of growing interest in blockchain technology and in response to the request from the cryptocurrency community. At some point the stock market ahead in the development of related tools and digital infrastructure, so the company volunteered to create a cutting-edge solution, which should be the standard for cryptocurrency trading all over the world. Set of technical tools and services Befund easily integrated with blockchain technology, in addition, the platform offers intuitive and convenient interface, which is familiar to anyone who has worked with traditional digital funds.

The aim of the project is to create a global are compatible, standardized and unified ecosystem to meet the operational needs of the digital cryptocurrency funds and their managers, as well as companies from around the world. The platform ensures compliance with all international legal standards and provides all the necessary tools to conduct future financial transactions. Befund offers users the tools created on the basis of its public network BFDChain, which allow the funds and their managers to develop their own financial decentralized applications (DApps). In addition, customers will be able to access a number of software solutions companies, including the verification process and customer identification (KYC) and verification of the user in the framework of the fight against money-laundering (AML), determination of the coefficient of return on business (ROI) and the integration of smart contracts.

In Befund are convinced that in the near future, the stock market will appear managers who want to produce their own tokens for the efficient management of their products. The platform will offer the Fund managers bookbinding services, giving them the opportunity to produce and distribute his coins. According to company representatives, unlimited access to create tokens create a more robust and democratic network of a diversified portfolio of assets, which will open the world of cryptocurrency to a wider audience. All network members BFDChain will also receive access to professional trading guide.

“We believe that the future licenzirovanie funds. They will help to solve the issues of trust among market players and to establish sustainable communication between investors and funds worldwide. Our project tries to speed up the process to solve the immediate technological problems. Befund making every effort to build an ecosystem that will communicate with the authorities of countries in different jurisdictions, to provide conditions for the stable regulation of licenzirovanie funds”, — said the Director Befund foreign operations Lin Khalil (Khalil Lin).

Befund aims to create an easy to use platform that can satisfy the most complex needs, said Khalil Lin. This summer the company will launch the first version of the website and until 2019 will continue configuring the application to next year to get the full product open source.

Public network BFDChain will work with tokens BFDT. Results will be released no more than two billion “coins” BFDT. 500 million of them will be available for purchase during the ICO to the end of this week.

More information about the project Befund you can find on the website