Decentralized liquidity provider Bancor announced the launch of a wallet, allowing you to make instant crosscan-convert between Ethereum and EOS tokens. About this magazine ForkLog said the representatives of the project.

Bancor Wallet built on top of crosscan Protocol BancorX that provides liquidity for more than 9,000 pairs of EOS and Ethereum tokens.

According to the developers, Bancor Wallet provides users with the ability to directly enter into smart contracts on the blockchain and monitor their money and private keys. It is noteworthy that conversion fees or move tokens Bancor does not charge.

“The functionality of the wallet based on the new Bancor ability to move a network token BNT between blockchains. Because of this, any token can be instantly transformed into other tokens in the network, regardless of which blockchains they are built”, — explained the developers.

Now the network Bancor available ERC20-tokens, such as DAI (Maker Dao) and BNB (Binance), and also tokens on the basis of EOS: DICE (BetDice), IQ (Everipedia), BLACK (eosBLACK) and many others.

The wallet provides users with a free account EOS with enough resources (RAM, CPU and NET) to get started.

“The objective of the Bancor was to offer a simple way to use wallets on multiple blockchains with intuitive controls and built-in tokens crosscan-transactions, allowing users to more easily move their assets between their favorite applications,” said co-founder and architect products Bancor Eyal Herzog.

Earlier on the news about the integration of Bancor in the new smartphone Samsung S10 through cryptopleura Enjin, the quantity of daily trade operations on the network has reached 11-month high, exceeding $8 million.

We will remind, in November of 2018, Bancor has announced a cross-platform of trading tokens between networks Ethereum and EOS.