Chinese IT giant Baidu has launched an operating system for the development of decentralized applications (DApp) — Baidu Blockchain Engine (BBE).

According to a press release Baidu Cloud division cloud computing company, the new platform created on the basis of the technology strategy Baidu “ABC”, which involves the application of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing. As stated by Baidu Cloud, this makes the development of DApp “is as simple as creating a mobile application”.

The company believes that the BBE will stimulate the commercial development of blockchain technology, affecting a wide range of DLT products. The cloud platform is also designed to address the deficiencies of the existing infrastructure, such as high cost of storing data and lack of computing power.

As stressed by Baidu Cloud, BBE will provide developers with services such as multmedia and mid-range frameworks, and templates for smart contracts and DApp. Baidu Cloud also notes that the platform offers developers a variety of mechanisms to protect the data and privacy protection.

BBE is compatible with your private cloud with Baidu that allows customers to implement DApp for different business scenarios with a flexible platform “blockchain as a service” (BaaS), said in a statement.

Cloud Baidu claims that Baidu Blockchain Lab has developed a platform based on six basic functions a trusted computing environment, high performance and high throughput, scalable storage, firewall, secure communication, support smart contracts and a security audit.

Earlier, Baidu launched an open platform type BaaS — Baidu Trust.