9 October in Moscow will host the conference “Development of the blockchain in the economy, business, investments”. Leading specialists of the financial and blockchain industry will discuss what direction the market will develop after the hype around the technology.

Features three panel discussions and networking.

Discussion 1 “the Blockchain in business”:

  • Philip M., co-founder of the network Robomed;
  • Nikolay Marin, Director of technology at IBM in Russia and CIS;
  • Eugene Pyshmintsev, co-founder of ad network DooH Ads RTB;
  • Evgeny Pavlov, head of the sales Department of a company Bitfury;
  • Ilya Bolotov, chief analyst, Sberbank lab.

This session will discuss what does the implementation of blockchain technology in the business processes of the company and what is the payback period of such decisions.

Discussion No. 2 “Development and the dynamics of the market of cryptocurrency”:

  • Andrei Grachev, Vice-President RAKIB trading, the representative of Huobi;
  • Pervunyn Maxim, managing partner of TFH Russia;
  • Leonid Morozov, banker and investor.

Experts discuss why the whole world is watching reports of a bitcoin ETF. Also, the speakers will talk about how will the emergence of bitcoin ETF to the same results as entering the market backed by gold ETFs in 2003.

Discussion # 3 “Kryptovaci and payment system”:

  • Konstantin Boyko, General Director of the Russian branch of WIREX;
  • Andrew Great, SEO project Paytomat;
  • Nikita Solov’ev, co-founder PayGety;

The speakers will talk about their experiences, the advantages and prospects of development of cryptomonas and payment systems. Among other issues, the profitability of creating cryptomonas and most effective for the market jurisdiction.

More information about the event and register on the official website of the event.