The Monero development team has announced the successful completion hard forks in which on the block 1685555 in the core network was activated Bulletproofs Protocol designed to replace the Ring Protocol Confidential Transactions (RingCT). It is expected that this will allow 80% to reduce the number of anonymous transactions in the blockchain and to reduce the Commission to users. In addition, the updated PoW mechanism will effectively resist ASIC mining.

The scheduled protocol upgraded went successfully and Monero compatible Bulletproofs are thus live on mainnet! 🎉

— Monero || #xmr (@monero) October 18, 2018

However, the Monero team is going in the next day on the block 1686275 to make one more change in the network and make use of the Bulletproofs required.

We will remind that in the beginning of the month, the developers of Monero announced the establishment of a working group aimed at combating the hidden mining and anti-malware – Malware Response Workgroup. The initiative was launched, which aims to inform users about how they can clean their devices hidden from the miners and ransomware, and protect them from contamination such programs. Earlier, a Reddit user by the Monero team found and fixed the bug by which hackers could burn cryptocurrency wallets of organization, paying a Commission for performing transaction.