Arrested in 2017 in Greece on suspicion in fraud the Russians , Alexander Vinnik, the issuance of which require the US, Russia and France, after a meeting with the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Tatiana Moskalkova announced a temporary termination of the hunger strike. He started it in November last year in protest against an unfair trial, and when a month later, the Greek court decided to extradite him to France, said that he considers himself a political prisoner and released on the hunger strike, if it will be given to Russia. In December winnik was transferred from prison to hospital.

According to Moskalkova, winnick is in need of emergency medical care, but “because of the lack of communication with the conservation authorities there is no possibility to transfer him from detention in a medical institution where he will be given help to extricate him from starvation”.

“What I saw exceeded my expectations. I had help and the medical report that showed me the lawyer and our Consulate, but to see with your own eyes is completely different. It is absolutely emaciated man, gaunt 80-day fasting, requiring immediate comprehensive, serious, professional medical assistance,” she explained.

The Ombudsman also announced that he would appeal to the Greek Minister of justice with a request for extradition winnick home.

Recall that France had accused winnick hacking into the email of thousands of people and extorting from them money, the American side – money laundering and fraud with the cryptocurrency at more than $4 billion, and Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles ($11,500).