Recently, developers ZenCash reported that the number of gcd that focused on increased privacy of bitcoin has reached 17 000. According to them, this makes the network ZenCash the largest and most decentralized.

17,000 and Counting! ZenCash is now the largest #crypto network with over 17,000 #nodes. Subscribe to our newsletter for exciting #zencash updates 👏🚀🌜 —

— ZenCashOfficial [Free No ETH] (@zencashofficial) 10 August 2018 R.

For comparison, the bitcoin network currently 9612 nodes. While most of them are located in the United States:

Data: BitNodes

According to the developers ZenCash, a large number of nod makes the network more secure and resilient to failures, attacks, and other malevolent influences. They also believe that the number of node is more important than the amount of hash power.

“Comprehensive network is an integral part of the development of decentralized applications through the use of high computational power and bandwidth. The presence of multiple nodes plays an important role for network security. Nodes ensure compliance with all the rules of consensus ZenCash, rejecting blocks that are contrary to these standards”, — noted in the project team.

The developers said that the last team actively worked on the development of the ecosystem of the platform. The project participants have conducted several surveys among the community in coins on Reddit and also carefully analyzed the market and their competitors.

In the future, the ZenCash team will focus on supporting network, and desktop products, countering “attacks 51%”, as well as the development of a sidechained solutions.
A few days ago there was a mandatory software update Super Node.

ZenCash is a fork of the more well-known cryptocurrency zcash for, and with a market capitalization of $88 million is currently 74th place in the ranking of Coinmarketcap.

We will remind, in April, Digital Currency Group added to investment portfolio cryptocurrency ZenCash.