Nedavnya spam-attack on the Ethereum network cost about $15 million this was stated by the founder of the platform Vitalik Buterin.

According to my estimates, the recent tx spam on the ETH network cost up to ~$15m USD (~= 5m green teas ~75 lambos, ~25 Coinbase seed rounds, ~0.9% of Telegram ICO)

Free market principles prevent me from being too upset at someone using the ETH blockchain as they wish, but wow.

— Vitalik “Not giving away ETH” Buterin (@VitalikButerin) 16 Jul 2018

“According to my calculations, the recent spam Ethereum cost about $15 million (approximately 5 million green tea, 75 cars Lamborghini, 25 rounds of raising the initial funding Coinbase or 0.9% ICO Telegram)”, — wrote on Twitter acne Buterin.

Note cryptologist sounded the alarm about a possible spam attack after June Ethereum has increased the price of gas, while the number of transactions decreased from 1.4 million per day to 500 thousand.

ForkLog previously reported, a developer of decentralized applications has accused the owners of the tokens of EOS in the organization congestion Ethereum by dubious airdrop’s random tokens.

However, the EOS developer Dan Larimer has denied such accusations, stating that the role of “spammer” in Ethereum copes application CryptoKitties.

ForkLog previously reported that according to the Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, the network is preparing to start “phase two” of its development.