The Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin and a prominent American economist Nouriel Roubini are negotiating details of future debates about cryptocurrency. The parties have agreed in principle, but are looking for a suitable moderator and venue for the meeting.

Recently, a senior editor of Forbes by Laura Shin invited Baterina and Roubini to have a discussion broadcast its programme Unchained: Big Ideas From the Worlds of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (“Free from the bondage: innovative ideas from the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency”). However, this proposal was rejected Roubini, who called Shin a “partisan advertising face of kryptonyte”. So now the acne and Nouriel looking satisfies both of them moderator. The economist wrote in his Twitter account:

I welcome the opportunity to debate live with acne Baleriny. We can choose an objective moderator that suits us both and not biased advertising of the alleged journalists, but in reality — PR creativelounge sector. I’m not interested to deal with Laura Shin.

Buterin has nominated Kevin Pham that says “absolutely prejudiced” against both potential participants in the debate. This year Buterin and Pham exchanged views on Twitter, after Pham suggested that Buterin could make a deal with the Russian authorities, which will prevent him to leave the project Ethereum.

Twitter users have offered their own versions: Tony Weiss, John McAfee, Joe Rogan… and even the Dalai Lama.

However, it is difficult to say, will there be a debate, given the buckets of dirt that the parties to the conflict a virtual fling at each other. Caustic critic, Roubini has repeatedly called Balerina — for example, “a genius who lies and cheating have made their way to billions of their fake wealth.” And the other day Roubini wrote:

Acne Buterin on a couple of Joe Lyubino was the leader of a gang which launched a fraudulent scheme preiningerova sales, bringing the light of God was born of the ether. They stole 75% of the reserves of the ether and instantly become the fake billionaires.

The target of his harsh criticism Roubini makes the entire cryptocurrency market, as well as computer specialists and developers of the blockchain.

Last week, Roubini, renowned economist who predicted the global financial crisis in 2008, participated in the meeting of the Senate Committee on banking, housing, and work with the population. In his speech, he once again called cryptocurrency “the mother of all frauds and bubbles”, and the blockchain, “the most chipaway technology in history.”

In turn Buterin to dot the “I” the issue of his status of “billionaire”, revealed information about the volume of air in their own possession. In addition, acne (probably with regards to Roubini, who called him a dictator) said that the lack of “special knowledge” will not prevent him to predict the occurrence of another financial crisis. In response to this, Roubini was advised to “shut up”.

The flames of opposition were fanned yesterday’s criticism from economist to address Arthur Hayes, co-founder of cryptocurrency exchange BitMEX. Hayes suggested that BitMEX may act as the organizer of the debate and “to pay all production costs.”

Roubini in his manner called BitMEX “typical cesspool of cryptocurrency trading” and “fraudulent criminal scheme”:

I do not wish to exchange speculators playing against us, customers, sponsored the debate. This is a typical cesspool of cryptotrading with all its charms: price manipulation, pumping and dumping, unauthorized write-offs, bogus deals, game traders against customers, etc. BitMEX is a criminal fraudulent scheme.

Finally, 14 Oct Roubini has proposed its own candidate to the moderators, lawyer Stephen Palli, and he agreed, writing on Twitter:

I’m an honest judge. And provide party snacks. And drinks. Drinks are an essential precondition for the debate.

Let’s agree to this proposal Buterin.

According to the materials of The Daily Hodl