Medicers Ventures, a subsidiary of the giant online retail acquired a share in the blockchain the platform of banking services Bankorus.

According to a press release, Medicers Ventures has a 5.1% stake in DLT platform, which “enables individuals and institutions to securely buy, sell, store and lend digital assets.” Bankorus was founded in 2017 and has offices in Europe and China.

“Adding Bankorus in the portfolio companies ‘ Medici Ventures will facilitate our work on creating a Foundation based on blockchain technology package for companies”, — said the President Medici Ventures Jonathan Johnson (Jonathan Johnson). created Medicers Ventures in 2014 that the company fully focused on the application of blockchain technology in existing industries. Main portfolio investment Medicers Ventures is another subsidiary of Overstock platform for retail secutity tokens tZERO.

In addition, the company’s portfolio of projects on the use of DLT solutions in systems of voting, tracking the supply chain for the platform of the wine trade, transfer on the blockchain of the land registry. Recently startup Bitt of portfolio Medicers Ventures has signed a contract to pilot crypto-currencies to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.