The police of the city of Santa Clara, California, have arrested a 19-year-old Xavier Clement Narvaez (Xzavyer Clemente Narvaez), who was kidnapped cryptocurrency, translating services associated with the phone number on your SIM card. Conducted by Narveson fraud (SIM swapping) and breaking cryptocurrency accounts allowed him to receive more than $1 million and buy a McLaren this year and the Audi R8 2012, as well as other luxury items.

Law enforcement agencies interested in Narveson after the arrest of 20-year-old student from Boston Joel Ortiz (Joel Ortiz), who use the same tricks stole more than 40 cryptocurrency $5 million For his “work” phone was fixed login [email protected]

As it turned out, their activities Narvaez also used the same phone. This allowed police, in cooperation with Apple and the telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon on the phone number and IMEI to track it at times when victims of the malefactor was to deprive them of control over their mobile devices. Then through information obtained from the service BitPay, and crypto currency exchange Bittrex, were linked to already known Gmail-address and contact details of the McLaren and the Audi R8. For the period from March to July in the history of the account Narvaiza on Bittrex found 208 transactions totaling 157 BTC (approximately S1 million).

At the moment he is charged with crimes committed with computers and data for obtaining money under false pretenses, fraud, identity and theft of funds in especially large size.

We will remind that recently in U.S. District court in Los Angeles with a claim of $224 million against Telecom giant AT&T appealed captainvalor Michael Turpin, who believes that the company promoted the hacker hacked his cell phone and stole $24 million in cryptocurrency.