Payment of goods with the cryptocurrency remains very unpopular form of non-cash payments — it uses only one percent of Moscow residents. Another 5% is not owning the digital assets of the townspeople would like to try out this method of calculations. This is evidenced by research data service “Yandex.Money” and the Moscow Department of information technology (DIT).

Non-cash payment methods prefer 34% of respondents. Of these, about 63% have resorted to such operations every day.

About 96% of the respondents use for cashless payment Bank card. Then in descending order, the respondents named mobile (40%) and Internet banking (32%) and electronic money (16%).

However, the townspeople are convinced that a cashless payment system, in particular, Apple Pay and Android Pay will be used more often. But the desire to pay with cryptocurrency, the researchers were skeptical.

“Many have confusion with bitcoin. I remember how people bought bitcoins in the transition to metro”, — commented the head of analytical Department of the CIO Ivan Buturlin.

Among the reasons for which the Muscovites refuse from the clearing was named fear of fraud (40%), unwillingness to pay a Commission (22%), inability to use relevant services (11%) and ignorance of the technology (9%).

The survey was conducted in September 2018, with participation of 1000 people of various ages.

We will remind, in July of 2017 poll of National Agency of financial research showed that 70% of Russians don’t know anything about cryptocurrency.