Tether has launched a new round of token generation this month, adding 86 million euros under the Ticker EURT and 60.1 million dollars in USDT, as the Financial Magnates.

Both token issued on the Ethereum platform, with two wallets that display current activity. According to the announcement of the Finance Magnates, the exchange Ethfinex ( “sister” Bitfinex) in September last year reported on a collaboration that will create a Tether on Ethereum.

“Following the widespread success of Bitcoin based on USDTether, released via the Omni Protocol Layer, cooperating with the Tether now Ethfinex for the development of the first Tether tokens on Ethereum compliant ERC20. ERC20 Tether allows you to exchange licenzirovanie dollars and euros in Ethereum, providing the opportunity to interact with the protocols on the basis of DApps and Ethereum and allowing users to carry out transactions with Fiat currencies through the Ethereum network”, – said in the announcement.

Deposits and withdrawals of tokens began on January 22, but information on the extent of the release of the new USDT and EURT appeared only today. It should be noted that Tether and Bitfinex already for a long time under the scrutiny of the world media because of doubts in maintaining the liquidity of their tokens. Currently the Commission securities and exchange Commission (SEC), the United States is considering the possibility of conducting their own audit Tether.