Today we will tell You how to get Cash with Litecoin Litecoin Private Key with such purses as Jaxx and Litecoin Core.
First, let’s get the key from her purse, for example, take Jaxx on ios.

Run Jaxx, press Menu-Tools-Display Private Keys further agree with the warning – “I understand” in the next window select Display Litecoin Keys.

In this window you can have several of them, to find out what is wallet LCC need to copy the address and check the balance on the official website Everything is simple copy the address of the inserted in the window “Enter a Litecoin public address”(where address – not the private key) and click Check Ballance LCC.

Once you have found the right address You should display the balance of the LCC x10 relative to the balance of LTC at the time of the snapshot on the block 1371111.
Next, copy we need the private key, Jaxx it will be after the address:

Download the Litecoin wallet Cash Core from the official website Run, wait until the wallet is synchronized(note that the process is not quick). Then in the menu of the Litecoin wallet Cash Core select Import Private Key

After You have imported the key, the wallet will trigger the search:

If everything was completed successfully You will see the balance of your LiteCoin coins Cash: