Good news from the world of cryptocurrency for holders of Monero. About March 14, 2018 for unit 1 529 810 will be hardwork anonymous cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), which we will see a new coin called MoneroV (XMV).

MoneroV is a decentralized, anonymous, untraceable, and secure the bitcoin blockchain fork of Monero. Separation will occur at block 1 529 810, when the miners MoneroV will begin to create new blocks on the network MoneroV. New block-chain MoneroV will contain transaction history up to the unit 1 529 810, and all holders of coins Monero will get 10x the amount of your XMR balance in the form of coins MoneroV (XMV) after hard forks. Distribution (airdrop) coins will be held tentatively on March 18, owners of the original Monero for 1 coin XMR will get 10 coins XMV.

The developers of the new anonymous cryptocurrency, to reinforce their intentions, also showed a road map (roadmap) project:


  • The total number of coins – 256 million XMV.
  • The number of coins in circulation at the time hard forks – 158 million.
  • Proof of Work algorithm CryptoNight.
  • Update the difficulty on every block.
  • Creating a new block every 120 seconds.
  • The reward per block – a minimum of 6 XMV.
  • Block size – dynamic, high 2xM100.
  • The anonymity of the ring signature/invisible address.

What’s the difference MoneroV from Monero?

MoneroV has a limited supply of coins, while the original Monero has an infinite number of coins, besides MoneroV will implement new protocols that will solve the problems of scale faced by Monero and other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Do I get automatically MoneroV if I have Monero?

All holders of Monero at the time hard forks (this will happen around March 14, 2018) will be the owners MoneroV and get 10 times more coins MoneroV (XMV) in relation to Monero (XMR). For example, if you have 1 coin, Monero (XMR) to the fork, you will have 10 MoneroV after the fork.

If you store your coins Monero, for example, on the stock exchange, you need to wait for formal messages from the exchanges about the process of adding new coins.

The best option for getting coins are local wallets Monero – GetMonero and MyMonero