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ZeroEdge casino is the gambling platform offering players equal chances in the game against the house, that is, the possibility of games with 0% income of the organizer of the game. Among these games, blackjack, video poker, roulette and many others. In addition, the casino will have sports betting service, which will function as a stock exchange where you can bet with 0% Commission.

For the first time this project was presented on 25 November in Kyiv on the “Blockchain summit”. The project is a team of professionals from different industries. These professionals strive to create a first online casino, the main source of income which will be not losing customers, but the rising cost of branded cryptocurrency casinos.

Simply put, Zero Edge Casino offers some of the best odds in the form of a 0% income of the organizer of the games, services, sports betting and poker tables. The basis of the business model is a bitcoin casino, the only means of calculation in games. Such opportunities naturally generate demand for the token. Due to the limited supply of tokens, its value is growing as an increasing number of people seeking to use it for the game. As a result, players will be able to earn playing casino games with great odds And being the owners of the token, the cost of which is growing due to increasing demand and widespread (similar to bitcoin).

Founder and head of the Zero Edge Adrian Casey says: “Although we expect that our games with zero income the organizer will attract a wide range of clients, our true intention is to highlight the service of sports betting with zero Commission. This is a unique phenomenon, unprecedented in the market. The traditional market network gambling is facing many problems that failed to solve even bitcoin. Players should have the same chances of winning as the institution, however, we are now seeing a different picture. This is the problem trying to solve Zero Edge, providing customers the opportunity to truly fair and transparent game that could potentially lead to a revolution in the whole sector a network of gambling”.

Pre-ICO project took place from February 28, 2018 March 15, 2018 and had lower levels hardcap 1500 ETH.

Website: https://tokensale.zeroedge.bet

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