At the moment, according to the service Coinatmradar, worldwide there are 2708 ATM for cryptocurrency exchange, they are posted in 66 countries and 393 are served by different operators.

In Russia, as far as I know, so far not a single ATM for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. On the one hand, the convenience of ATMs is obvious. Not all users of cryptocurrency are able to use cryptobinary and completely secure online transaction. The usual card and ATM this is the model that was used most people throughout the world.

At the moment ATMs for cryptocurrency take a high enough Commission from 4% to 8%. But there are projects that have passed the stage of ICO for creating cheaper transactions through ATMs in particular, the company announced Cointed ATMs with lower Commission: from 1% to 4.5%. However, the savings implied by the use of a private token Cointed.

The prospects of this business in Russia is very vague, despite the fact that Russian users are actively buying, exchanging and bottom of cryptocurrency.

In Russia the wide penetration of the Internet and the ability to use it, as well as a great desire to invest in risky assets due to the low profitability and high non-systematic risk of traditional tools. But, in fact, the new law “On digital of financial assets”, introducing the concept of exchange operators such assets – specialized legal entities, the relevant Federal law No. 39-FZ “On securities market” № 325-FZ “On organized trades”, who are given the exclusive right of exchange of crypto-currencies and tokens in the territory of the Russian Federation, is prohibitive for such activities.

The bill implicitly assumes the possibility of opening automated selling points of cryptocurrency and token with full deanonimizatsii client, but it suggests a conflict with the announced position of Bank of Russia, under which the transactions of exchange of cryptocurrency for Fiat currency and assets shall be allowed only with respect to tokens with the aim of attracting funding.

A further limitation of exchange will also be imposed by the Bank of Russia requirement of dividing all investors (including cryptocurrency) for unskilled, skilled and professional. Unskilled, which will be the absolute majority is allowed to buy the portfolio of financial assets to only 50 thousand rubles a year (!). Which means that the exchange of cryptocurrency, limited this amount.

I believe that until they change the law in Russia could “quietly” to appear one or two such an exchange of ATM as a backstage toys for people who do not fetter themselves with the conventions of Russian financial laws.