The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks U.S. has published two applications prepared by the same team of authors, and submitted to the consideration of American retail chain Walmart, which describe the use of blockchain technology for storing payment data and protect them from unauthorized access.

One of the solutions offers vendornew payment system, which involves the creation of a network, which can automatically conduct transactions on behalf of the client to transfer funds to different providers. Users can view the history of your transactions, but it is closed to third parties.

The second solution describes a system of digital trading using blockchain technology to encrypt payment data.

Earlier, Walmart has filed a patent application describing a “smart” system for tracking the delivery of goods with the use of “smart packaging” that writes to the blockchain information about the contents of the package, as well as other information, including the location of the cargo, environmental conditions, etc.

In addition, in August last year, Walmart and Unilever have teamed up with IBM to develop a new solution using blockchain technology that will help solve the problems of food safety. The project also joined with others in the industry, including Nestle, Tyson Foods, Dole Food Company, Kroger, McCormick&Company, ‘driscoll’s and McLane Company.