Chief financial officer VISA Vasant Prabhu (Vasant Prabhu) has joined a number of the fiercest critics of bitcoin. In a Financial Times interview, he said that the cryptocurrency is a bubble, and use it scammers, corrupt officials and speculators.

“I ask the people who scare me. You know, guys like the limo driver to the airport … They have no idea what they are doing,” — said a top Manager of the world’s largest payment network.

As noted by Vasant Prabhu, such meetings with inexperienced bitcoin investors, including the cashier at the Bank or a young distant relative, became for him “a real shock”.

“This is the final thing in which you realize that you have bubble out, when the guy you shoes, advises what stocks to buy,” he recalled classic exchange Maxim.

Prabhu said that some of his colleagues on wall Street are afraid to speak about cryptocurrency. The head of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) last month declared that regrets that has previously called bitcoin a “hoax”. Not because he changed his mind, but because all of them have to talk about it, said Prabhu.

VISA cap of $279 billion, head of global payment system with 46 million payment items and 17 thousands of financial institutions inundated with questions from analysts and investors, does not threaten any of its model of cryptocurrency, said Vasant Prabhu.

He noted that the company is very interested in complying with the rules “know your customer” and combating money laundering. And in contrast, believes that cryptocurrency is for these reasons that “loved” criminals.

“It is very difficult to spend the dirty money through the banking system. Cryptocurrency phenomenal for all of this … Every crook and every corrupt politician in the world, I bet, owns the cryptocurrency,” — expressed confidence the CFO of VISA.