The UN children’s Fund (UNICEF) intends to use the computers of their supporters for the mining of cryptocurrencies, thus collecting funds to help children in need.

With this aim, the Australian branch of the organization launched the website of The Hope Page that mines cryptocurrencies due to the computing power of visitors. A non-profit organization stated that the site “will allow Australians to help vulnerable children just opening a page while they are online,” according to ITnews Australia.

The Hope Page allows visitors to choose how much power they wish to devote to mining. The longer they stay on the site, the more time mined cryptocurrency.

UNICEF declares:

Mining is completely safe for your computer. If you are worried about power consumption, you can reduce the processing power that I decided to donate.

Any mined cryptocurrency is converted to Fiat and donated to UNICEF Australia to help needy children around the world by supplying them with vital necessities, such as clean drinking water, food and medicines.

Miner in a browser is running API version miner Coinhive called AuthedMine that mines Monero, with the consent of the user.

According to Jennifer Tierney, Director of fundraising and public relations at UNICEF Australia, the organization seeks to use new technologies to get maximum information on current humanitarian crises, and also to collect donations to support affected children.

At the time of writing this article is to provide their computing power to help the organization agreed more than 1,600 people.