Managing partner BlockchainLab Stanislav podyachev created a petition on the platform calling for the establishment of a working group to develop the concept of regulation of the stock market in Ukraine.

“The uncertainty of the legal status and the lack of rules for the treatment of crypto-currencies and the use of blockchain technology in Ukraine hampers the development of innovative technologies, prevents the attraction of investments and even becomes the reason for the emigration of professionals and companies in countries whose governments demonstrate adequate support”, — he wrote in the petition text.

Podjyachev also pointed out that despite the constitutionally guaranteed right of Ukraine to engage in entrepreneurial activities, some entities, in particular commercial banks, diskriminiert citizens and companies that operate in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, while continuing the maintenance of their accounts and blocking of funds.

“Taking into account active growth of interest of citizens and businesses to mining and investment in blockchain projects, market participants should agree on and propose for the consideration of the public and the government their vision of policy towards cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology in Ukraine”, — he said.

According to Podyacheva, the policy of the Ukrainian state in relation to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology should be based on five decisions:

— to formalize the legal act underlying the concept of “blockchain”, “bitcoin”, “mining”, “token”, “smart contract”, “crypto currency exchange”;

— for a period of 10 years to establish a zero VAT rate on transactions for the sale of crypto-currencies and exempt from income tax of companies operating in the field of cryptocurrencies;

— adopt at legislative level a moratorium on additional regulation and regulatory restrictions in the sphere of crypto-currencies and the use of blockchain technology in Ukraine for 10 years;

— to create a public electronic register of intangible digital assets (crypto currencies and token) with instructions of their characteristics;

— to develop and implement a multidisciplinary University program for the training of professionals in the field of kryptonyte.

At the time of writing, a petition signed by 35 people. It should be noted that regardless of the number of signatures collected, the petition for resources have no legal force and authors should rely only on the public outcry.

We will note, yesterday in Kiev with the participation of Stanislav Podyacheva hosted a meeting-presentation of draft Ukrainian Blockchain policy paper designed to help the Ukrainian legislator to decide on the regulation of cryptocurrencies and to develop rules that would meet the interests of all parties involved.

Forklog previously reported that the national Bank of Ukraine blamed the lack of regulation of cryptocurrency in the country to the uncertainty of its status in the EU.

We will remind, in November 2017 on the official website of the presidential administration of Ukraine was published a petition on “state regulation and taxation of cryptocurrencies, in particular Bitcoin (and related types of economic activity) on the territory of Ukraine”. In the end, she only got 147 votes out of 25 thousand is necessary and was not supported.